Briefly Noted

Kelly Minter
David C. Cook
256 pages

"In Wherever the River Runs, Kelly Minter invites us on a jungle adventure down a river teeming with piranhas, caymans, a beautiful people, and, especially, God’s presence. Her honest and engaging narrative pulls back the curtain on one of the most captivating places on earth as well as on parts of the gospel we may be able to recite but have never fully believed."

--from the publisher

J.T. Ellison
Harlequin MIRA
416 pages

"It’s a guarantee that readers will not figure out all of the details before the end. Ellison has crafted a terrific thriller, and fans of forensic mysteries, such as those by Patricia Cornwell, should immediately add this series to their A-lists. Familiarity with the prior books is not necessary to enjoy this one."


Bill Courtney
Weinstein Books
240 pages

"The old fashioned values of Coach Courtney come across as revolutionary in the cynical contemporary world, full of detail and anecdotes worthy of a Southern Preacher, but without the guilt.”

--Ron Shelton, director of Bull Durham

Tamera Alexander
Bethany House Publishers
480 pages

"Alexander's exquisitely written historical tale is filled with unforgettable characters, a romance that seems hopeless, and a close-up look at the aftermath of a war that nearly destroyed our country."


Gillian G. Gaar
Triumph Books
256 pages

"With 2014 marking the 60th anniversary of the release of Elvis Presley’s first record, “That’s All Right,” this book makes the perfect companion for celebrating the life and music of one of the world’s most popular entertainers. Packed with history, trivia, lists, little-known facts, and must-do adventures, legions of Elvis fans around the globe who still adore him more than three decades after his death will delight in this ode to 'The King.'"

--from the publisher

Sam B. Girgus
336 pages

"The steady rise of Clint Eastwood’s career parallels a pressing desire in American society over the past five decades for a figure and story of purpose, meaning, and redemption. Eastwood has not only told and filmed that story, he has come to embody it for many in his public image and film persona. Eastwood responds to a national yearning for a vision of individual action and initiative, personal responsibility, and potential for renewal."

--from the publisher

John Emison
Pelican Publishing
304 pages

"Finally, nearly a half century after the crime, comes a fascinating and convincing case that the criminal justice system did indeed 'railroad' James Earl Ray as a lone assassin of Martin Luther King. That Ray acted alone out of racial hatred has always been unbelievable." -James Squires, former editor for the Chicago Tribune "Excellent book. Finally someone has explained why James Earl Ray could not be convicted as the lone assassin. Emison has gone beyond the role of Ray's lawyers. He bases his theory and his conclusions on facts rather than on convenient but unsupported speculation."

--Arthur J. Hanes Jr., legal defense for James Earl Ray

Anne Zachary
American Academy of Pediatrics
225 pages

"Packed with wonderful “retro” activities and based on modern-day research, Dr Zachry shares how to avoid “baby product” hazards by sticking with the tried-and-true, fun, sensory-motor activities that babies really need. A mustread guide for the discerning parent."

--Barbara A. Smith, Author, From Rattles to Writing