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Chapter 16 is a digital language & literature program of Humanities Tennessee

Executive Director:
Tim Henderson

Director of Literature & Language Programs:
Serenity Gerbman

Margaret Renkl

Wayne Christeson

Contributing Writers: Tracy Barrett, Ralph Bowden, Maria Browning, Emily Choate, Julie Danielson, Susannah Felts, Randy Fox, Liz Garrigan, Paul V. Griffith, Steve Haruch, Faye Jones, Sean Kinch, Peter Kuryla, Tina LoTufo, Paul McCoy, Joe Nolan, Sarah Norris, Charlotte Pence, Lyda Phillips, Clay Risen, Chris Scott, Ed Tarkington, Michael Ray Taylor, Stephen Usery, Beth Waltemath, Nicki Pendleton Wood, Erica Wright

Sponsored in part by:

Oysters and Pop Tarts

A Chapter 16 writer tells a tale of two Christmases

by Maria Browning

December 19, 2014 When I was a child, Christmas at Granny Browning’s house was about tradition, not pleasure. Christmas at home was an orgy of expensive presents and junk food. Both of them were wonderful and awful—and both were gifts to last a lifetime.

Published Friday, 19 December 2014


In launching a nonprofit literary center, a writer nurtures her own creative life in surprising ways

by Susannah Felts

December 18, 2014 Six women gathered around and bravely shared their writing, some for the first time. Their enthusiasm and laughter were contagious, their easy camaraderie a stroke of luck. Workshops don’t always give rise to a circle of friends, but this one did. I could see that much. What I couldn’t see yet was how it was also working as the start of something else.

Published Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Kite

A boy in a coal town finds his way out of the dust

by Pete Kopcsak

December 17, 2014 Mothers stopped peeling potatoes and scrubbing clothes to stand on bare porches and watch. We fell on the weeds in front of us and cupped our hands into imaginary telescopes and pressed them to our eyes to watch the kite as long as we could.

Published Wednesday, 17 December 2014

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