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Chapter 16 is a digital language & literature program of Humanities Tennessee

Executive Director:
Tim Henderson

Director of Literature & Language Programs:
Serenity Gerbman

Margaret Renkl

Wayne Christeson

Contributing Writers: Tracy Barrett, Ralph Bowden, Maria Browning, Emily Choate, Julie Danielson, Susannah Felts, Randy Fox, Liz Garrigan, Paul V. Griffith, Steve Haruch, Faye Jones, Sean Kinch, Peter Kuryla, Tina LoTufo, Paul McCoy, Joe Nolan, Sarah Norris, Charlotte Pence, Lyda Phillips, Clay Risen, Chris Scott, Ed Tarkington, Michael Ray Taylor, Stephen Usery, Beth Waltemath, Nicki Pendleton Wood, Erica Wright

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An Ode to Strength

At the end of his life, as his own power waned, James Dickey was still writing about joy

by Luke Wiget

May 29, 2015 Death, and the Day’s Light, James Dickey's new collection, echoes the eternal, obsessive themes of the late poet's work: war and love, life and death, the clarifying power of a shared struggle. But these poems also reflect the concerns of a man at the end of his life. Set firmly in the physical world, they speak to the link between body and spirit: as the body breaks, the spirit builds.

Published Friday, 29 May 2015

Scattered Sparks

With The Pinch, Steve Stern continues his dazzling fictional exploration of the intersection of reality, spirituality, and mysticism

by Ed Tarkington

May 28, 2015 High-wire acts performed by an acrobatic enchantress; a young couple making love in a giant tree in the midst of an earthquake; a drug-dealing bookstore clerk who finds a decades-old history of his neighborhood and discovers that he himself appears as a character in its pages—these are some of the elements of The Pinch, Steve Stern’s latest novel. Stern will appear at Burke’s Book Store in Memphis at 6 p.m. on June 4, 2015.

Published Thursday, 28 May 2015

Prologue to Tragedy

Steve Inskeep casts new light on the ideas of land ownership that led to the Trail of Tears

by Brenda Jackson-Abernathy

May 27, 2015 In Jacksonland: Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab, Steve Inskeep has produced a compelling study of the interwoven lives of Jackson and Ross, as well as the struggle over land that played out between whites and Native Americans. Inskeep will appear at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville on June 2, 2015, and at the Nashville Public Library on June 4, 2015.

Published Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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Briefly Noted

Side Trip to Kathmandu
Marie Moore
Camel Press
186 pages

"Sidney Marsh’s job as a New York travel agent is on the line. On her last two tours, she and her colleague Jay ended up smack in the middle of murder and mayhem. Their sleuthing sideline did not endear them to their employer, Itchy Feet Travel, so naturally they are relieved when their wealthy friend Brooke requests their presence on a no expense spared tour of India and Nepal. Another agency has made the arrangements, so all they need do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Well, not quite all..."

--From the publisher